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Rugby Gift Guide

The Rugby Player

Comfortable Mouth Guard- SISU

SISU Max Guard

The SISU Max Mouth Guard is the comfiest mouth guard you can get without buying a custom one at your dentist. With 8 different colors available you’ll protect your favorite rugger and they’ll be able to show their safety skills in style!

The Team Captain

Legacy by James Kerr

Legacy by James Kerr

This novel is the perfect gift for the captain on the pitch or anyone looking to understand what it takes to build on a championship culture. This book outlines the strategies that the All Blacks, the best rugby team of all time, (statistically) utilize to stay humble and keep winning! Linked here from a local bookstore near me!

The Rugby Coach

Rugby Ball Patterned Face Mask

Face Mask

Many teams are returning to the pitch and doing so while while wearing masks! Make sure the coach in your life looks great at practice and on socially distanced game days with a rugby ball patterned face mask! Yell at your players and look good doing it! (Not recommended for beer drinking)